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Vortrag von Mai Ishijima, PhD „The History of the Japanese ‚Gender Identity Disorder Act‘ and a Possible Strategy of Its Amendment“ am Mi, 3.7.2019, 10:30-12:00 Uhr, Raum

„In Japan, the „Gender Identity Disorder“ Act took effect in 2004. Although the Act paved a way to change one’s legally assigned gender, it also framed the matter of gender into dichotomic understanding, by restricting the change only to those who have been medically diagnosed with „gender identity disorder“ and have undergone the prescribed surgeries. While the legislator strategically pathologized the gender-transitioning issue to accomplish the legislation itself,  conformity with the requirements stipulated in the Act has been perceived as an indicator of the authenticity of one’s gender identity; The Act has worked as a normative model also among the transgender community in Japan. There is a certain conflict between those who embrace transgenderism and who wish to immerse themselves into dichotomic society.“

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