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Solo-Theaterperformance mit Shoko Ito

IMG_9854Am Donnerstag, 11. Oktober, haben wir das Vernügen, die Künstlerin Shoko Ito bei uns am Institut mit einer Solo-Theaterperformance begrüßen zu dürfen. Von 17 bis 18 Uhr präsentiert sie im Hörsaal 3B zwei kurze Stücke: „The dog and the cat“ und „Balekendan“. Shoko Ito ist seit 30 Jahren Solo-Theater-Künstlerin und hat schon in 62 Ländern gespielt, darunter bei großen Events wie dem Edinburgh Festival und dem Avignon Festival.

Der Eintritt ist frei!

Über die Stücke

Script by Shoko Ito
Choreography by Kei Takei (Nagano Olympic Games Choreographer for Japan)

【the dog and the cat】
A long time ago there is a dog who likes to whistle and lived in a certain mountain. One day The Dog was walking and wearing his favorite hat.suddenly a storm came with strong wind and the hat was blown away. He then went to the hat making Cat down the village. He brought with him the finest piece of leather. The dog several time to see if the hat was ready, but it was next week it would be ready.. When the Duke of the Goats came to buy a hat, he sold the dog ’s hat for a premium price . At last winter came and the dog goes to ask for a hat and the cat got angry and ran away to the Duke of goats. The dog finally caught in the horn of the goat and began to cry. Since then the dog hated the cats. But…

There used to be bad couples a long time ago. One day her husband brought a lot of butter and rice. When my wife got angry, her husband said this was for Varekendan.
His wife stopped the young man walking down the street and asked if he is Barekendan. When young man said yes, then she told that the person you must take rice and butter.
The husband caught up with young man with horses and asked if someone passed here. The young man tricked the husband. The young man said, that if he walks it would be faster than going by horse He trusted the young man and left the horse to him . He did not find Baekenden  and returned to where he left the horse. The horse was stolen. From that moment the couple never stoped quarreling. Only Barekendan is smiling.

Japanische Beschreibung:
昔昔ある山に笛を吹くのが好きな犬が住んでいました。ある日自慢の帽子をかぶって笛を吹いていると急に嵐になり帽子を吹き飛ばされてしまいました。犬は決 心して町の猫の帽子屋のところにとっておきの鞣し革を持って出かけました。次の金曜日に出来ている約束が何度も言っても出来ていません。山羊公爵が帽子を 買いに来た時に高く犬の帽子を売ってしまいました。とうとう冬が来て犬が 帽子を催促にく行くと猫が怒って山羊公爵の所へ逃げていくました。犬は山羊公爵の角で突かれてとうとう泣き出しました。それから犬は猫が嫌いになりまし た。

昔昔仲の悪い夫婦がいました。ある日、夫がバターと米を大量に持って来ました。妻が怒ると夫はこれはバレケンダンのため だと言いました。

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