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Konferenz zu Karrierechancen für Japanologie-Studierende (mit Reisestipendium)

Wir leiten hier einen Hinweis von Dr. Harald Conrad auf eine Konferenz Anfang November in London weiter, für die Studierende eine (teilweise) Reisekostenerstattung bekommen können. Es geht um Karrierechancen für Japanologie-Studierende! Die Informationen zum Reisestipendium sind ganz unten zu finden.

This is to invite you to our international conference ‘Foreign Graduate Employment in Japanese Companies – Implications for Japanese Studies Teaching & Research’, which will be held at SOAS, University of London on 6-7 November 2017.

Japanese companies are important employers of university graduates with knowledge on Japan and Japanese language skills. Yet, much of this employment has happened in overseas subsidiaries and often graduates have seen limited career opportunities. Recently, Japanese companies have begun to hire graduates for employment in Japan itself and have also reemphasized the need to localize their overseas subsidiaries.
These trends coincide with universities having become more interested in the employability of their graduates.This conference aims to assess these developments and explore how Japanese studies and language teaching as well as research should respond. The conference brings together international representatives of Japanese studies and language departments, Japanese company executives, employment agents, as well as Japanese studies students and graduates to address the following questions:

  • How has the employment of foreign employees in Japanese companies changed since the 2000s?
  • What kind of skills are Japanese companies looking for when employing foreign graduates?
  • What have been their experiences with foreign graduates, what lessons have been learned, and what changes to company practices have been made?
  • What are Japanese Studies departments currently doing to prepare their graduates for employment in Japanese companies and how can or should the new trend be accommodated?
  • How can language and studies curricula be improved to facilitate the successful employment of graduates?
  • What kind of extra-curricular activities, such as work placements or career advice sessions, are currently being offered and how can they be improved?
  • How should foreign graduate employment in Japan be researched in the future to develop a more nuanced understanding of changes over time?

Participation is free, but you need to register to secure a place and allow us to provide adequate catering.
With the generous support from our funding organizations, I am glad to be in a position to offer *eight student bursaries to cover travel expenses of up to £80 each as well as one night hotel accommodation* in London on 6th November 2017.

The event should be a good networking opportunity and be of special interest to students planning to work for a Japanese company in the future.

Students wanting to apply for the bursary should write to me directly (h.conrad[at], doing the following:

  • Write ‘Employment conference – student bursary’ into the subject line of your email
  • Attach a short 1-2 page CV
  • Explain in no more than 300 words why you would like to participate in the conference

The deadline for bursary applications is 16 October. I will screen applications and inform successful candidates by 19 October.
Successful candidates should make their own travel arrangements and can ask for reimbursement of travel costs later. I will arrange and pay the hotel rooms directly.

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