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TOP CAREER Europe 2017 in London

Nach dem erfolgreichen Seminar „Work in Japan“ mit Virginie Grillet am 3. November 2016 möchten wir unsere Studierenden erneut auf die TOP CAREER Europe 2017 hinweisen, die am 11. und 12. Februar 2017 in London stattfindet.


Hello, this is TOP CAREER International, a global recruiting company headquartered in Japan and aiming at helping students land their first job in Japan.

We are very happy to announce that we will hold a career fair in London for students in Europe who are interested in working in Japan!

Several Japanese companies will participate in this event to meet these global talents and interview them. This forum is of course free to attend for the selected candidates and they will be able to get monetary support for their traveling expenses to London.


(We will update you through our brand new Facebook page specially dedicated to European students, so be sure to follow us!)
Here are the steps of the selection process:

  1. Registration to TOP CAREER International
  2. Registration for the event itself:
  3. CV upload
    *Either in English or Japanese
  4. Registration for the company students wish to apply.
    *Company pages will be updated soon.

Application Deadline: 13th of January, 2017
We are looking forward to seeing you in London!
Kind regards,
TOP CAREER International

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